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AutoGlide now available for most brands of pull type and self propelled sprayers.

Bestway announced the introduction of the AutoGlide(tm) automatic spray boom height control system in August of 2012.  The new AutoGLide(tm) system uses rugged ultrasonoic range sensors mounted on the spray boom to continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy. AutoGlide(tm) uses the sprayers exisitng electric-over-hydraulic boom controls so there are no extra hydraulic components to add to the sprayer.  This makes AutoGlide the simplest and easiest automatic boom height control system to install. SEE YOUR DEALER ABOUT $ 750-$ 1000 OFF ON AUTOGLIDE WHEN PURCHASED WITH A NEW BESTWAY FP IV SPRAYER! Call 877-390-4480 for more information on AutoGlide including applications on your sprayer, pricing and where to purchase. 


Bestway announces New PRO-MOUNT 360, 3-Point Mounted Sprayer

Bestway Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the new PRO-MOUNT 360 , mounted sprayer to the Bestway sprayer line.  The PRO-MOUNT 360 features an industry exlcusive front folding fiberworks, fiberglass composite boom.  The PRO-MOUNT 360 provides owners the convenience and maneuverability of a 3-Point sprayer with an extremely durable boom system vs. conventional steel booms.  The PRO-MOUNT 360 features a 60' front fold boom and a 300 gallon product tank.

Bestway Announces new 400 Gallon Pro-Mount Sprayer

Bestway announces the addition of a new 400 gallon version of the Pro-Mount mounted sprayer, called the Pro-Mount 460.   The Pro-Mount 460 shares all the same features and options of the Pro-Mount 360 (300 gallon) sprayer but in a larger tank size to fit tractors in the 180 hp and larger size range.

The new Pro-Mount 460 models will be available for spring spraying season 2015!

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